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Second Technical Dialogue of the Blue Peace Central Asia

Second Technical Dialogue of the Blue Peace Central Asia

On 22-23 November 2018 the Delegations from 5 CA states, invited international and regional experts, young scientists and undergraduates, SDC, and CAREC have participated in the second Technical Dialogue in Tashkent, Uzbekistan within the Blue Peace Central Asia. Several cases (3 international and 1 national) of joint water resources management were presented at the seminar to acquaint participants with the best practices of transboundary water cooperation. The participants exchanged their views and opinions regarding the possible modes of cooperation between their (CA) countries and identified some objects which are of mutual interest and actions to follow.

Legal and institutional aspects, as well as the tools of efficient regional water cooperation, were shared with the attendees to enable dialogue in the region with a view to draft preliminary actions to strengthen regional water cooperation. Based on those cases, some of the ingredients for successful cooperation which include the political will, legal base, enabling environment, stable financing. The Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach was also recognized as one of the keys to better cooperation. The participants agreed on the need to establish a coordination mechanism between riparian states, from local to the supranational level.

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