Last chance! Present your projects and activities in INBO News! [Extended deadline 30 Nov 2023]

Last chance! Present your projects and activities in INBO News! [Extended deadline 30 Nov 2023]

Dear members, Dear friends,

Preparations are starting for the edition of INBO Newsletter №31

Published every year, and distributed in 3 languages (French, English, Spanish) all over the world, this Newsletter aims at giving an account of the richness of the actions and analyses carried out by the members of our Network, as well as by our partner organizations.

Thanks tocontributions, this support has become, over the years, a real source of information and reflection for the operational implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), the vocation of our Network. In this year 2023, we invite you to repeat the exercise and are pleased to share with you our call for contributions.

As in the previous edition, this issue will deal with INBO news, regional networks and partners, their projects, publications and events and, more broadly, it will be structured around the four main thematic priorities essential for the operational implementation of IWRM : 

Financing : the "user pays" and "polluter pays" principles, the role of States, local authorities, citizens and donors, water prices..., (We are generally short of contributions on this topic, so we strongly encourage you to submit articles on this subject: a simple presentation of the funding system for organisations in charge of water resource management at basin level and the financial resources mobilised to implement their management plans would be of definite interest for exchanging experiences on the various existing approaches),

Governance : participatory and intersectoral management, legal and institutional frameworks, public policies...,

Knowledge : data collection and processing, qualitative and quantitative monitoring network, remote sensing and satellite, warning systems, information system, training...,

Planning: inventory/diagnosis of water resources, identification of priorities, development and implementation of basin strategies and plans, etc.

If you have ideas on current events, innovative programmes and projects, the desire to share your analysis on public policies or relevant tools for the sector, we invite you to share your contributions by 30 November 2023.

They would like to receive a contribution (maximum of 2250 characters, including spaces ) focusing on the results and lessons learned, with elements of context, the issues at stake, the difficulties to be overcome and the solutions adopted.

It is of course possible for those who wish to do so to make additional proposals that do not deal specifically with these themes.

They will try to make the most of each partner's contributions in the publication. However, in view of the large number of articles received each year, they reserve the right to publish them on INBO's website in order to highlight the reflections that cannot be published in the Newsletter.

Send my contribution.

We thank you in advance for your valuable contributions, which will help us disseminate the analyses and good practices carried out by each INBO member or partner organization.

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